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Assassin of Archduke Franz Ferdinand - Gavrilo Princip

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Alexander Hamilton and His 21st-Century Popularity

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Stories of the Week July 5-11
Sun 5
  • Cape Verde - Independence and Hurricanes 1975
    The Cape Verde Islands, located off the coast of Africa, received their independence from Portugal on July 5, 1975. Major tropical storms often originate near these islands during the summer Atlantic hurricane season.
  • P.T. Barnum and "The Greatest Show on Earth!" 1810
    Phineas T. Barnum was born on July 5, 1810. He became a great showman and promoter of circuses. What made the circuses of ''yesteryear'' so wonderful? Step back in time and take a look!
Mon 6
  • Thomas More - Died for His Beliefs 1535
    Sir Thomas More was tried for treason and executed on the 6th of July, 1535. People remember him today for refusing to compromise his principles, even though his actions insured his death.
  • Eyewitness to the Hartford Circus Fire 1944
    Charles Nelson Reilly attended the Ringling Bros. circus, on the day the big top burned to the ground. Later in life, he told the story about that day and its impact on the rest of his life.
  • Hartford Circus Fire 1944
    The Ringling Brothers Circus fire in Hartford, Connecticut on July 6th, is referenced in ''Water for Elephants'' (both the film and the book) and remains America's worst circus disaster.
  • Richard the Lionheart 1198
    Richard the Lionheart was crowned King of England July 6, 1198. Absent from Britain for most of his reign, he fought wars and earned a nickname. Who was he?
Tue 7
  • Report - UFO Crash in Roswell, New Mexico 1947
    On July , 1947, the public information office at Roswell Army Air Field reported ''the crash and recovery of a flying disc.'' This clip is the original news broadcast of the event.
  • Howard Hughes and His XF-11 Plane 1946
    Howard Hughes was a famous aviator before he became a famous recluse. On the 7th of July, 1946, he and his XF-11 plane were involved in a spectacular crash in California.
  • Kamikaze Attacks 1944
    During July of 1944, Japanese pilots began to fly suicide missions in order to destroy Allied planes & ships. Who were these ''kamikaze'' pilots?'' What was it like to be attacked by them?
Wed 8
  • Finding the Rosetta Stone 1799
    While in Egypt, Napoleon's troops re-discovered the Rosetta Stone in July of 1799. See this marvel which directly led to deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphics.
Thu 9
Fri 10
  • Lady Jane Grey Takes the Throne 1553
    Lady Jane Grey was the young dying King’s choice (according to a document he signed) to take the throne of England. Protestant, like Edward VI, Jane did have a claim to be Queen. But, it was a weaker claim than Mary Tudor’s (Henry VIII’s daughter).
Sat 11
  • Aaron Burr and the Deadly Duel 1804
    Aaron Burr (sitting U.S. Vice President) and Alexander Hamilton (America’s first Secretary of Treasury) despised each other. After a series of polite-but-pointed insults, they fought a duel on July 11, 1804. Hamilton died; Burr faced a murder charge.
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